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About LambdaSpect


The LambdaSpect project for Autodesk Inventor was launched to extend Inventor's capabilities in the field of optical designs. Many branches of today's manufacturing industry have a growing need for software that can simulate realistic behavior of light in digital prototypes. Optical instruments, light sources and laser technology are utilized in countless manufactured goods and many technological designs need to take natural light behavior like reflection, absorption, energy distribution or radiation intensity into account.

To simulate the behavior and interaction of light in Autodesk Inventor designs, the LambdaSpect software extends existing Inventor technology like material definitions to satisfy the need for additional optical properties that are not fully incorporated in the standard Inventor software.

Optical assembly designs created with LambdaSpect's desgin assistant are capable of simulating the interaction of light emitted by LambdaSpect lightsource components with a wide selection of optical components such as prisms, mirrors or filters.

LambdaSpect's light follows the laws of physics and its wave spectrum correctly interacts with the various properties of the optical materials.

Download/View our new FX64 LambdaSpect PDF document (German) for more information.